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Sales representative, Consultant, Seller, Agent, Demonstrator, Presenter, Networker, Distributor

In the world of Direct Selling there are different ways in which the professional figures are involved, from the promotion and trade of products to the private consumer.  Different names define the model, the method, the channel and the service chosen and adopted by the Companies for their activity.

What is certain is that whatever role is played or requested, it is important to perform it with professionalism, commitment and preparation to ensure a path of growth in the business sector, personal satisfaction and a recognition by the customer that he/she is the most important, not only in the acquisition, but also for professional references, and developing other contacts and customers.

Over the years we have built a network of professionals and companies with whom we constantly compare ourselves for the research and selection of new profiles and qualified personnel.

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DSCC Group offers a concrete support, in step with the evolution of the labor market, and a range of useful services for the Candidate that faces the job search for the first time or for those who already have acquired professionalism and want to improve themselves or face new challenges. DSCC provides a network of contacts with companies in the sector that are looking for profiles for their sales networks, strategic and operational support to follow the candidate in the various phases of his research and professional growth path.

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