For Companies

We offer companies specific and personalized support in terms of recruitment and training in the world of Direct Sales. We offer activities that we follow directly alongside companies and develop training and innovative programs for management and sellers.

Our structure operates in different sectors:

  • Search, selection and insertion of new profiles (sellers, sales people, networkers)
  • Training programs (individual, collective) and orientation courses
  • Planning and management of residential training (Academy)
  • Techniques and methodologies of recruitment and planning from different channels
  • Management of contractual, administrative and regulatory assistance
  • Specific recruitment advice (Executive search)
  • Design and coordination of preparatory activities for the human resources area
  • Support and tutoring of professional figures (analysis of roles, professional progress and management of lines and levels of MLM)
  • Creation and / or revision of elements in terms of Marketing Plan and commission plans for operational management, distributors, levels and lines and support with software and management system
  • Design and operational phases for the implementation and expansion of the sales networks through the different recruitment channels (traditional, reference, reputation …)
  • Management of existing company profiles and insertion of new resources
  • Creation or management of work teams in Direct Selling and MLM
  • Analysis and planning of objectives, joint corporate projects and individual professional paths aimed at human resources
  • Creation and coordination of supports such as training tools such as House-Organ
  • Elaboration of incentive and motivational programs

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