Direct Selling HR & Recruiting

In Direct Sales and MLM, a relationship is a factor that plays an essential role in the type and nature of the work itself and consequently also in the aspect linked to the promotion and marketing of products and services offered to the consumer. It is such a decisive element in the activity itself for consultants, vendors, distributors, presenters, agents and appointees that in the recruitment-selection phase, it is equally important that the same model is activated, establishing a relationship between candidate-recruiter-company.

A professional and relational recruitment is a condition for the candidate, not only to set up a clear and constructive interview, but also to support the model of behavior and participation in the principles and values that will then be demonstrated by the new-hire with their new company.

Direct Selling Recruiting provides Candidates and Companies their experience to make effective and optimized research programs and job offers and to identify the potential and the professional contribution of people. DSR develops and manages routes targeted for the company in the search and selection of candidates. It makes use of its own, constantly updated, database to be able to satisfy the Candidates’ individual perspectives and support the needs of the Companies.


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